cPanel Password

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Password Retrieval

  1. Simply go to the Members Area from
  2. Log in with your ‘username’ which is the same as the ‘email address’ you have registered with Oceania.
  3. If you don’t know your password just click the Password Reset link and we’ll email you straight back.
  4. The Members Area lets you log in directly to Cpanel OR Create a new cpanel password
  1. Navigate to MEMBERS AREA >> My Hosting > My cPanel services
  2. In List My Products & Services Click on the Green “Active” Status Button to bring up the Overview and Actions Side Bar (and some cool cPanel Quick Shortcuts as well)
  3. In Actions Side Bar Menu you can choose to log in to cPanel, webmail or Change the cPanel Password.

Feel free to change your cpanel password as often as you like and keep in mind that the cPanel and ftp passwords are the same.


What to do if you cannot login

  • Please contact us for a password reset and then follow the retrieval procedure above
  • We have Firewalls in place on your server to prevent unsolicited attacks. Unsuccessful logins to any of your services ( cpanel, ftp, mail)  are logged and when several unsuccessful logins are received the server will blacklist the requesting IP address and no further access is possible from that IP.If this happens to you we recommend that you reboot your Modem/router or restart your WIFI first. If you are still encountering issues please email us with your IP address ( find at so that we can whitelist it.


Download: pdfIcon_download

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