Backups Using R1Soft Restore

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You can now restore your site from cpanel

It is possible to restore your website from R1Soft Backups. To Access the R1Soft server locate the image within your cPanel Account. Once you click on it, you will be taken to Idera backup interface where you will be able to restore files from the available backup.

  • Click on R1 Soft Restore Backups in cpanel

    Backups Using R1Soft Restore Fig 1

  • Once you click it, you’ll be bought to a page such as this:

    Backups Using R1Soft Restore Fig 2

  • Log in with your cPanel credentials
  • Once logged in, it will bring you to a screen such as the following which will contain all of your recovery points.

    Backups Using R1Soft Restore Fig 3

  • Please note the three icons to the right of the above screen

    Backups Using R1Soft Restore Fig 4

    • First one: “Browse” – For when you require to restore something directly.
    • Second: “Download” – to your Machine
    • Third: “Send to Agent” – For if you want to restore files as a TAR/ZIP file.
  • Once going into the Browse setting, you will find” Restore Selected” option in the menu.

    Backups Using R1Soft Restore Fig 5

  • If you click this, you’ll be able to restore the file to your preferred backup point. It will then prompt you for confirmation. You can also “Send to Agent” if you just want a copy of selected files.

    Backups Using R1Soft Restore Fig 6

We trust that you will find this client-side back up direct from cpanel will give you added peace of mind.

As always we continue to retain server backups at the approximate restore points of:

  • last night;
  • last Saturday;
  • last day of last month.

If you need your files restored, please send through a support ticket. Include details of what you need restored and your preferred back up point.

Download: pdfIcon_download

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