Trouble with FTP?

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We need to do some detective work


Check that there is space on the server and also that the url, user and password are correct and working.

  1. Make a note, in megabytes (MB) of the size of the file you are attempting to upload.
  2. From an internet browser log into Cpanel
  3. On the left panel of Cpanel is the amount of free space. This must be less than the size of the file in point ‘a’ above. NOTE if the amount of Free Space is a minus number, then you have run out of space.


Our support staff tested the upload, and were successful. This probably rules out our servers.


We suggest that you try:

  1. turning off all you computer equipment at the wall for a period of no less than 15 seconds. All computer equipment including the broadband modem, routers and includes printers etc – EVERYTHING. You would be surprised how much frustration a “confused” printer can cause.
  2. switch everything back on and retry the upload


Try uploading from another computer – that does not use the same ISP as you are using, i.e. try from home or ask a friend


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