File Manager – Directory (Folder) Structure

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Your Oceania hosting account possesses several different directories organized in a particular structure. This Support Article offers a description of these directories and how they are organized. In all the examples below, unless otherwise specified, replace “username” with your cPanel username.

Home Directory

You may log in here using cPanel> File Manager > Home. From your Home directory, you may see the following directories:

  • etc
  • mail
  • public_ftp
  • public_html
  • temp
  • www
  • back-up

Descriptions of these directories are as follows:


This directory holds systems only files and is of little concern to the user.


This directory is where all the raw e-mail files for your virtual mailboxes are stored.


This directory with the path /home/public_ftp/username contains your anonymous FTP area. Virtual FTP must be enabled via cPanel on one or more of your domain names to see and use this directory.

** Public HTML Directory (public_html) **

This directory is where the files you want to be publically viewable on the Internet should live. The path is

  • /home/username/public_html.

The public_html directory contains any files that the user wants to make available online. Most importantly the files and folders for your hosting account domain name (primary domain) must be placed directly into the public_html folder

All other domain names (e.g. add-on domains) in your account will be mapped to a directory, or subdirectory, under this main public_html directory. The path for any subdomain and/or add-on domain is either:

  • /home/username/public_html/subdirectory-folder-name
  • /home/username/public_html /addondomain-folder-name

NOTE: If you are using add-on domains ALL files and sub-folders for the add-on domain must be placed in the add-on domain directory:

  • /home/username/public_html /addondomain-folder-name

E.g. If you have images for your add-on domain they are placed in the specific’ images’ folder for the addondomain only: This is the correct path:

  • /home/username/public_html /addondomain-folder-name/images


This optional* directory contains the configuration files for your account if you are using Webalizer or Analog, the Web statistics packages provided for free by Oceania. The path is:

  • /home/username/temp.

NOTE: You may delete from time to time if you no longer need archived statistics about account use


This directory contains the logs of the traffic to your Web site. Its path is

  • /home/username/www

back-up (does not exist at start up)

This optional directory will only be created and placed in the home directory when you generate a backup of your file using cPanel. It uses the path:

  • /home/username/backup-date_code_username.tar


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