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We strongly recommend using your inbuilt Oceania Members Area ticket system any time you wish to contact us. Priority is given to support requests submitted this way.

Save valuable time. This is brilliant!


A. Log in to your Oceania Members Area to manage all your support issues right from here.

  1. Bookmark this link
  2. Sign in with your email address on your Oceania Members Area profile
  3. Click on “Open Ticket” in the blue menu.
  4. Send us your support request. Keep subject easy to understand and retrace.
  5. Click Submit.
  6. This shows how the ticket appears in the Ticket System


B. A Confirmation email will be sent with a link above the signature as follows:


You can respond to this ticket by simply replying to this email or through the admin area at

C. A response to your enquiry is sent to you.

  1. It will reach you as an email
  2. If you reply to the email your responses will also automatically appear in the ticket system.
  3. Preferably though – please click on the link in the email to Ticket URL: as shown
  4. Log In and view your ticket’s response to either close the ticket or add another comment.

D. For future reference all your tickets can be accessed from the Members Area.

  1. Log in as shown below.
  2. You can then view the current ticket – or
  3. Search for a past tickets
  4. Re-open a closed ticket -or
  5. Start a new ticket from “Open Ticket” command in the Blue Menu.

Once you have tried this you will really appreciate how easy it becomes to keep track of your support needs.

Hint: Be sure to bookmark your log in to the Members Area and you will always be in control of your support requests.

Use the Support Ticket System as a handy place to look up previous fixes.

Support Tickets get priority attention from our tech staff.

You can safely discard support emails as there will be no need to retain them as all activity is recorded in your Oceania Members Area.

Once logged in to the Members Area you can use the Support Menu link to read Knowledge Base articles and view our handy library of Downloads.


Download: pdfIcon_download

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