FrontPage End of Life

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FrontPage has been discontinued and is no longer supported

FrontPage native support is no longer available on the new servers. Here are some facts and tips.

Your website is still able to function

  • Clients can still use “FTP” FrontPage publishing which will use regular ftp service. However the FrontPage native support is no more available.
  • Microsoft discontinued support for FrontPage extensions on Linux servers in 2006.
  • Apache has also discontinued FrontPage support.
  • Lack of support and updates results in security risks (that is why it is no longer installed).
  • We recommend clients use another publishing method, such as FTP, WebDAV or a CMS (e.g. WordPress, Joomla).
  • Clients can also use cPanel’s built-in File Manager and editor or use any other HTML editor and FTP to upload files.

Also clients on servers with Soholaunch or RVSiteBuilder can use them for website editing/publishing.


If your site or store design and functional elements do not rely on FrontPage extensions, and you had previously used FrontPage only to publish and manage your site, you can use FTP to publish your existing pages.

To use ftp download some software called Filezilla (free from and use the following settings:

  • Host: enter in the server on which your primary domain is hosted
  • Username: enter in your cPanel username
  • Password: enter in your cPanel password
  • Port: 2222

FrontPage Extensions

Extensions have been phased out altogether.

Use a Different Publishing Tool

We recommend that all FrontPage users switch to a new publishing tool. You can use most other third-party publishing tools as available with ‘one-click’ install from your cPanel under Softaculous e.g., WordPress.

Expression Web

Some FrontPage users have reported excellent results importing their FrontPage web sites into the Microsoft design tool Expression Web (discontinued).

Expression Web may provide the most seamless transition from FrontPage to another publishing tool.

To learn more or try Expression Web, please visit the Microsoft web site.

Please note that third-party tools such Microsoft Expression Web must be purchased separately.

Convert Your Website Have a Developer Build Your Site or Store

If you’re not ready to tackle a new tool yourself, consider hiring a developer to help.

Available to Oceania customers for a one-time fee, your site can be converted   by our developers (whilst keeping all the look and feel your users are accustomed to) at the discounted hourly rate of $77 per hour.

For a complete quote to convert your site as well as provide tutorial support to learn your new website management system please contact us again.


Download: pdfIcon_download

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