Disk Space Usage

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Each hosting account, and each mailbox created in it, has an allocated disk space. From time to time you may receive a warning to say that your account (or mailbox) has reached 80% of its quota. This is a normal automated warning from the server.

You will be able to confirm the disk usages from cPanel > Files > Disk Space Usage.

  • The Bar Graph shows an overview of your Usage.
  • Scroll down to view a more in depth view
  • Click on “+” to show subfolders
  • Click on any Folder to open the folder in File Manager.

If necessary you will be able to use File Manager to delete any unwanted files. Alternatively you may prefer a faster method to manage files on the server by using an ftp client e.g. FileZilla.com etc. Please take care that you do not inadvertently remove any system files.

If your disk space has overfilled due to clogged mail accounts please clear using webmail.


  1. To view the mail in any email account directly on the server go to URL http://InsertYourFullDomainNameHere/webmail. The username is either:
    • any of your domain-name based email addresses (full version e.g. me@mydomain.com.au) and its assigned email password or,
    • your cpanel logins to check the default account only ( In most cases you will have set this to ‘fail’ and there would be no mail there)
  2. Select RoundCube Mail Reading Program
  3. Click Log In
  4. To view all mail, Expand the Select button in the menu and choose “All” and place all highlighted mail in the Trash Can.
  5. Any emails to be deleted are now moved to trash and to fully delete them you must empty them from trash.


Increase Your Disk Space

Please call our support staff if you need an increase to your disk space.


Download: pdfIcon_download

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