How to use HootSuite

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Hootsuite is a great way to schedule posts to go out to Twitter and Facebook, it can schedule to other social networks (over 35 different ones). Hootsuite also allows you to track keywords, find out trending topics, and offers analytics.

  1. Once you enter the basic info to create your account, you’ll start populating your Hootsuite dashboard with your social networks. Choose the networks you wish to add, and follow the prompts to connect each one to Hootsuite.

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  1. Once you have connected your social networks, Hootsuite will guide you through adding streams of content associated with the various networks. For example, under your Twitter account you can add streams like “Home Feed,” “Mentions,” or “Scheduled Tweets.” For Facebook, stream options include “Wall Posts,” “Scheduled Messages,” and “Private Messages”.

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  1. Once you’ve added the streams you wish to monitor for the first network Simply click the + button next to “My First Tab” to create additional tabs for your other networks. Click on a tab to rename it.

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  1. You can follow specific hashtags or phrases through Hootsuite’s keyword feature in the “Add a Stream”.

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  1. To share or schedule a post, type in the “Compose Message” field at the top of the dashboard. Hootsuite has an automatic link-shortener, and you can also attach images.

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  1. Select the social network(s) on which you want your post to appear. If you need to remove a network, just click on the icon at the top and it will move back to the list of networks below.

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  1. Once you have composed your message, added links/images, and selected the social networks, your post is ready to share. You can click the “Send Now” button, or click on the calendar icon to schedule the post for later.

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Download: pdfIcon_download

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