Members Area Access for exclusive use by Oceania clients

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Manage all the details of the account(s) you hold with Oceania by using the email address you provided to us at signup1 as your unique MEMBERS AREA “username”.

Once logged in to the MEMBERS AREA you may update any of your master account details as well as allocate permission to your bona-fide contacts and/or sub-account users to also access your MEMBERS AREA. A sub-account user sees only those areas you have given permssions for.

Only a single instance of your email address /username is valid2. Each Oceania member (whether a master account or sub-account owner) must have a unique email address/username.

With a valid username you may use the Members Area for direct access to manage support tickets; invoices and to obtain access to your products – all with a single login.

Yes, from inside the portal as a member you can directly login to your hosting account(s) cPanel, log in to your webmail and make allowed changes to your domain name registration. You will be able to purchase new products as well as pay and/or view invoices and your billing history.


How to Log in

  • Enter your email address / username and your Members Area password. If you do not remember your password, you may click on Request a Password Reset to obtain a new one which will be sent to your profile’s email address.


Updated Members Area Instructions

Recently our Members Area underwent an upgrade. Please see the article in your help desk called ‘How to Use your Updated Members Area’. This gives step by step instructions for accessing all services provided by your Oceania Web Host.



1 You may update your email contact on your account at any time. Note that any updated email address now becomes your Members Area username as well.

2 If you are a web designer you may create a Members Area email /username such as me@myclients’ for which you have created a suitable forwarder that redirects MEMBERS AREA information to your regular email address.


Download: pdfIcon_download

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