Cannot connect to Website, email or cPanel

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If your cpanel password has been recently reset or if your email or your site is still not connecting from your PC please do the following:

  1. Try a modem restart. This link may be handy
  2. Do a tracert according to the following steps and provide the tracert results to us

so that we can assist you further:

  • Please provide us with the output of the the traceroute result from your PC / machine from which you face the issue. You can get this result as follows:
    • If you are using a windows machine:
      • “Start” > “Run” > Type “cmd” – This will launch the command line interface.
      • In this interface, type the command: tracert YourDomainNameGoesHere <ENTER>
    • If you are using any other OS, type the following in the console[The Console is located at /Applications/Utilities/Console.]: traceroute YourDomainNameGoesHere
  1. Look up your IP address – use and send to us in case your IP may need whitelisting at the server. See more about Whitelisting here.

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