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  • Each computer on the internet has an ip address which is a numerical way to describe the physical location of the computer. It is a set of numbers like 123.345.456.567
  • The nameservers are the ip address of the server computers (written as words) where your DNS zone file lives.
  • The DNS Zone File is like a map that shows the millions of computers that make up the internet where to find the various components that are associated with your domain name.
    • For example – you can create a website that will be displayed when the domain name is typed into a web browser. Or you can create an email address based on the domain name.


To put it simply “The Map” uses IP addresses as coordinates so that any visitor’s computer can read the code hidden in the numbers to locate exactly where to find the website content, or the email mailbox.

  • Usually the website content and the mailboxes are stored on your Web Host’s servers and the Zone File records use the IP address of your Web Host’s server so visitors can find you.
  • It is possible, at any time, to make a change in the DNS Zone file to send traffic to any server you choose by pointing the relevant DNS records to the IP address of the other server. Use cPanel Advanced DNS Zone Editor or contact you support team.


Download: pdfIcon_download

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