POP3 Mail Users Alert

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Some clients have reported that they are receiving multiple copies of the same email in their PC’s inbox. This article addresses this issue.

Important: POP3 mail is not the right protocol to use if you want to keep Mail on Server

It is no longer advisable to use POP protocol to leave messages on the server. We may have recommended you do this, in the past, however Mail Processing now requires the following different approach:

  • Use POP if accessing emails from only one device and delete them from server after downloading (ie do not activate the “leave copy on server” in your mail client).
  • Use IMAP for emails that you will be accessing from more than one device/interface (e.g. phone, webmail, PC, etc.)

Mailbox Maintenance:

There is no feature to auto-delete emails from IMAP, so if space is a concern, users can:

  1. Delete emails regularly by logging in to Webmail to manage their email accounts. It is especially recommended that, at the very least, the Deleted Items Folder is purged from the server frequently.
  2. If the need for all emails to be retained is a necessary part of your business, then the user will need to buy bigger plans to keep larger email boxes on the server once their allocation reaches its limits.
  3. Use POP protocol only from one PC and download all emails on it (without keeping a copy on the server).

How do I do this?

The instructions provided in the link below should be all you need to make the switch.

Please read http://pop2imap.com/index.php which is a helpful article provided free by the Email Management Providers SaneBox.


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