Mail Problems – How to troubleshoot common problems

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Mail Issues are common and can be due to a wide variety of possibilities.


There are Firewalls in place on your server to prevent unsolicited attacks. Unsuccessful logins to any of your services ( cpanel, ftp, mail) are logged, and when several unsuccessful logins are received the server will blacklist the requesting IP address and no further access is possible from that IP.

  1. If this happens to you we recommend that you try a modem restart. This link may be handy
  2. If you are still encountering issues please email us with your IP address (find at so that we can whitelist it.

If this does not do the trick:

Run a TRACERT and send us the results. The traceroute utility checks how many “hops” (transfers through other computers on a network) it takes for your computer to contact another computer ( or your server).   Please provide us with the output of the traceroute result from your PC / machine from which you face the issue You can get this result as follows:

  • If you are using a Windows machine:
    • “Start” > “Run” > Type “cmd” – This will launch the command line interface.
    • In this interface, type the command:
      • tracert yourDomainAddress <ENTER> (Note spaces)e.g. tracert com <press enter>
  • If you are using any other OS, type the following in the console: traceroute YourDomainNameGoesHere
    • tracert
    • after the prompt you should see something similar to the following:

Tracing route to [] over a maximum of 30 hops:

1   <1 ms   <1 ms   <1 ms []
2   29 ms   29 ms   29 ms []
3   30 ms   30 ms   30 ms
4   30 ms   30 ms   30 ms
5   31 ms   33 ms   30 ms []
6   172 ms   172 ms   172 ms []
7   173 ms   172 ms   172 ms []
8   172 ms   173 ms   173 ms []
9   174 ms   174 ms   174 ms []
10   174 ms   173 ms   173 ms []
11   210 ms   210 ms   210 ms []
12   215 ms   214 ms   214 ms []
13   222 ms   222 ms   222 ms []
14   235 ms   235 ms   235 ms []
15   250 ms   249 ms   249 ms []
16   248 ms   248 ms   248 ms]
17   248 ms   248 ms   248 ms
18   250 ms   250 ms   250 ms []
19   250 ms   249 ms   250 ms []
20   250 ms   250 ms   250 ms []
21   249 ms   249 ms   249 ms []
Trace complete.

The first column, the hop count, represents the number of stops your information has made along the route to attempt to contact the other computer.

The next three columns are the round-trip times in milliseconds for three different attempts to reach the destination. The last column is the name of the host / or server that responded to the request. In this example our server.

In many cases, our network technician will need to analyze your problem further.

Typically run tracert once to your domain name and once to any ip of your choice. Please email the result(s) to for further diagnosis or call us on 1300 301 990

Other Issues

  • Please make sure that your domain name is not expired.
  • Check the quota on you cpanel mailbox is large enough
  • Try using webmail – if the issue is related to the machine/PC you are using
  • Confirm that your ISP is not having any issues.


Download: pdfIcon_download

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