How to clear email account that has overfilled
– using webmail client Horde

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  1. URL is http://mail.yourdomainname.ccc/webmail

Notes: Substitute your own domain name for ‘yourdomainname.ccc’. Remember the server is case sensitive – ie use all lower case.

  1. Username and password are: Your full email address and the email’s associated password.
  2. Log in to your webmail client HORDE to review the contents of your mail box.
  3. When in Horde click on Cog symbol > Dropdown to Preferences > Dropdown to Mail
  4. Click on ‘Mailbox Display Options’
  5. Enter the number 999 into the box below “Messages per page in the mailbox view.”
  6. You will now see that each page has 999 messages displayed. (Note you can upsize or downsize the number of messages to display as appropriate for your use). SAVE and return to Home Screen > Mail.
  7. To delete the page of messages. Go to ‘Select’ Check Box and click to “Select ALL’
  8. Go to ‘Trash Can’ > ‘Delete’ This will place all selected messages into the Deleted Messages Folder
  9. The final step is to empty the deleted mail off the server. On the Right Hand side of the screen find the “Other” dropdown : menu and ‘purge deleted’ and when you click on this, the 999 mail messages are completely deleted off the server.
  10. Continue in this fashion until you have cleared all the pages.


Download: pdfIcon_download

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