What is delegation?

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This is the way that the Domain Name System (DNS) gives your webhost the responsibility to ensure that all the records associated with your domain name point correctly to the servers for you.

  1. Domain Name Registrar. This is the place where you purchased your domain name.
  2. Domain Name Management. This consists of a URL to the Domain Name Registrar’s website together with a username and password that enables you ( or your authorised representative) so that you can login to make changes the Domain Name Record ( such as you address, or your contact email or the nameservers)
  3. Contact Email. For most Domain Name Registrars the contact email address that you provide them is THE ONLY way in which they will send notifications to you. If you change your email contact you will have to contact your Domain Name Registrar direct and authorise them to change your details.
  4. Nameservers. These are a record kept by the Domain Name Registrar. The Nameserver record is set to the nameservers of the hosting company that provide you with web hosting. This is a record that you (or your authorised representative) must control in order to ensure that your domain name is pointing to the correct hosting company.
  5. Zone File. The zone file records are maintained by your web host. In cpanel you may make changes to the zone file configuration
  6. Delegation or Re-delegation is the name given to the setting up of the nameserver records as in 4. above.
  7. To host your domain with Oceania Business Solutions the nameserver settings that you will need to enter into the Domain Name Registrar are:
  • ns1.oceania.com.au
  • ns2.oceania.com.au


Download: pdfIcon_download

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