How do I change the Ownership of my .au Domain Name

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A ‘Registrant Name Change’ ( Transfer of Legal Ownership) is the process of transferring the legal ownership of a domain name in the DOT AU name space (ie ending in .au) from one party to another. A transfer of legal ownership will start a new registration of the domain to the receiving entity, who will need to meet the eligibility requirements to hold the registration of the domain.

The following requirements must be met to successfully complete the Registrant name change form:

  • The domain name is currently registered with Oceania* as agents of TPP Wholesale
  • The correct spelling for the domain name.
  • The current registrant email contact details for the domain name should be valid and accessible. A confirmation request will be sent to the registrant contact email address. Perform a WHOIS search if this is not known at
  • The full details of the receiving party including Name, Address, Email Contact, Company Name ABN/ACN, Eligibility Criteria
  • Your valid credit card details.
  • The domain Authcode (EPP / Domain password).

* With the co-operation of the current domain name registrant we can transfer to Oceania any domain name currently held by another Registrar.

The fee for Change of Legal Ownership is $130 and it includes a 2 year renewal of the domain name registration. Please contact us on 1300 301 990 if you wish to make a Registrant Name Change.


Download: pdfIcon_download

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