DNS Propagation

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How can I check the IP address of my site?

There are many tools available on the internet to discover this and you could ask your favourite Search Engine. Or from your PC you could execute a Ping command in the Command Prompt

  • C:\>ping enterYourDomainNameHere   -note the [Space]after “ping”

More information about the ping command – click here for Microsoft or here for Apple


http://whatismyipaddress.com/ip-tools will assist you to find out how your website is mapped on the internet

What is propagation?

The slow updating of the server cache is called propagation. The DNS information for your domain has to be propagated across all servers on the web. When your site is newly delegated ( i.e. there has been a name server or IP change made, please note that you might not be able to see your site for the next few more hours due to propagation delay. DNS changes are not instant. It takes 8-16 hours for the DNS settings to propagate to the thousands of internet routers and name servers on the internet and ISP’s practice of caching records.

Cached Records

To speed up the internet, Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) cache their DNS records. They create their own copy for the master record and access it locally to search for a website, each time someone tries to view it. This procedure speeds up the internet, reduces the traffic and thus help ISP work faster.

Each ISP caches DNS records and updates them every few days. Each ISP has its own standard time frame to update the cache DNS record. This delay from your ISP will prevent you from viewing the changes. This process is known as DNS propagation delay.

Clear Cached Records

If you wish to flush the cache please visit http://www.wikihow.com/Flush-DNS .This will remove “old” requests from your PC and should result in a fresh ISP upload of the URL. You can also contact your ISP and request that they make the most up to date page-requests available to you.

What happens after the 8 – 16 hour propagation period is over?

After completing this propagation, the URL of your site will be resolving fine from everywhere. You may check the global propagation of your domain via the following tool:

Can I see my site during the propagation period at all?

Yes. Just type the following into a browser:   https://servername.oceania.com.au/~username


  • “servername” represents the servers name ( found in cpanel home page* ) and
  • “username” is your cpanel username.

or you could access with the server’s IP. This information can be seen in your Welcome Email or simply request we send a copy of your Welcome Email for your specified domain.


Download: pdfIcon_download

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